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Micro Turgo: Excellent pick for medium head & flow !

This Micro Turgo unit can use 20-70 l/sec. at 25-60 m head, provides an electric output of 7-27 kW, 3~380 Vac, 50 Hz. The unit includes:

  • the hydro turbine coupled with the SBSY / SQIN generator;
  • MAS (microhydro automation system).

The unit has a has vertical axle runner, single or multiple jet nozzles and is designed for human safety, maximum reliability and easy maintenance. The End-user has to build the external hydro elements (retention dam, water intake, debris screen, penstock pipe, outlet canal - see PDF sketch) with usual materials (wood, fiberglass, penstock PVC pipe, concrete, etc.), based on a preliminary design proposed in the offering stage.

If grid operated, the MAS will include a soft-starter for smooth connection of the generator. The speed is imposed (at rated value) by the grid frequency, while the generated power will then be solely determined by the available water head and flow.

If island operated, MAS will have to cope with the electric load variations. While the turbine runs at constant head and flow, despite the slight speed variation with the load, MAS will maintain the rated output frequency and voltage.

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